And we are off!

Welcome to my blog.  Having had my head in the books for the last 4 years I am getting to grips with technology and updating my skills.  Dr Blagg is setting out as an independent historical researcher.  Over the next couple of months I hope to record a couple of papers that I am writing. One for a journal and the other for a conference.

I took the summer off to recharge my batteries, a PhD really takes it out of you! Having caught up with family and friends and nursed my husband through unplanned heart surgery I am looking forward to getting stuck back into the archives. The next 6 months are all about getting me back into the real world, earning some money, meeting new people and most importantly promoting my work as an independent researcher.  My aim is to raise my research profile and see how many people I can reach out to.  As well as the Language of Access course I have enrolled on another course offered by King’s College London called Springboard Women’s Development.

Extending my circle will also allow me to share my research interests.  The biggest is Gold.  My thesis charted the history of a gold refinery operated by the Rothschild family from 1852-1968.  It offered a window onto the London Gold Market and also the development of the global economy.  I think it was a fascinating subject, my mom loves to read and hear about it, my husband has heard it so many times he knows nearly as much as I do and friends have been good sounding boards. However, I would like a new audience to share my findings with and to join in my quest for knowledge.

Over and out for now!