Lone Ranger, our actions impact on others!

I felt like the Lone Ranger this morning. Rolled out of bed and down to the carpark at my local train station. For the past 4 months it has been parking hell as updates to the station have meant that the four big port-a-cabins dumped in the carpark take up around 75 spaces.  Unless you are there before 8:30 you will struggle to find a space. Image my outrage when this morning, having challenged the man who parked next to me using TWO spaces, only to be told that he would not straighten up and use one space because ‘someone might damage my car if they parked next to me’…  How I stopped myself from keying all panels of his car I do not know!

After cramming my way aboard the train to Euston, only to stand for the 25 mile/30mins journey, I had the pleasure of watching a smartly dressed lady devour a banana then stuff the discarded skin into the tray attached to the seat in from before closing the said tray back up again, YOU WOULDN’T SHOVE THE SKIN DOWN YOUR SOFA AT HOME (I HOPE) SO WHY WOULDN’T YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU GOT OFF AND FIND A BIN!!!

Finally arriving at Euston, and choosing to walk to The Stand instead of battling on the tube, I was greeted by a wall of cigarette smoke….  I’m sure that the millions of pounds it has taken to develop the area outside Euston Station could have been better spent on a glass dome to house these people that are trying to kill themselves (yes I am an ex-smoker!).

This morning I saw how selfish people can be, our actions have an impact on others!