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Let Her rest in peace, HMS Edinburgh and her cargo of gold

Let Her rest in peace, HMS Edinburgh and the salvage of her cargo of gold is a projects that came out of research for my recently published thesis. It didn’t make the final draft of the thesis, and as no research is ever wasted, I decided to revisit the event and examine the salvage operation, role of government and locate any of the salvaged gold bars. At present I am turning my research into a journal article, seminar paper and public presentation.

My Christmas present to myself was to spend time reviewing the primary sources located at the Rothschild Archive, the National Archives and the Bank of England Archive and rereading literature and media reports surrounding the sinking and latter salvage operation. There is also a website for the crew and families of those who served on Her which contains some valuable insights. http://www.hmsedinburgh.co.uk

My deadline is the end of February for the article, and I will be presenting the paper to an academic audience on the 4 March 2014. The public lecture date is still to be fixed….

I welcome any interest in my research of this event, especially the areas that I still have to work on, @Imperial War Museum archive; @foreign office; There are gaps in the research and I need to think about Anglo-Russian relations which is a giant black hole at the moment!


Copyright: first appeared in: Sunday Times 8 Aug 1981.

Copyright: first appeared in: Sunday Times 8 Aug 1981.